Tarih: 01.12.2020
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Y-Flow E Range Scroll 40-320 kW

Feel Efficiency EER Up to 3,53
Package Air Cooled Conderserless Water Chillers
Range with Hermetic Scroll Compressors
Integrated MASTER/SLAVE control

High Energy Efficiency & Comfort for All Seasons
Wide and Intelligent Options
Eco Friendly R410A Refrigerant Gas
Energy Saving Solutions for Commercial & Residential Buildings
Y-Flow E Range Scroll 40-320 kW

Technical Features

Compressor: hermetic rotary scroll complete with thermal protection and casing heater.
Water side heat exchanger: adequately insulated stainless steel plates, complete with antifreeze heater and water flow differential pressure switch.
Control: microprocessor electronic control, with Adaptive Function Plus logic.
Structure: made of galvanised and painted steel plate with polyester powder coating.

• Compressor circuit breaker switches;
• Display of cooling circuit high and low pressure;
• Master/Slave control up to 4 units in parallel;
• Clock board;
• 0-10V analogue signal for condensing control from external device.

TCEEBY: unit designed for cooling only.


• PUMP primary side (user): pump unit complete with single or double electric circulation pump, membrane expansion tank, safety valve, water fill/drain valve, manual air vent valve and pressure gauge. The electric pumps are available with low or high head.
• Power factor correction capacitors (cosφ > 0.94)
• Cooling circuit high and low pressure gauges.
• Power factor correction capacitors.
• Soft start device.
• Forced limit of power consumption.
• Energy parameter measuring device.
• Control of min/max power supply voltage.
• Double safety valves.
• Silenced set up.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Digital input for double set-point.
• 4-20 mA analogue signal for shifting set-point.
• Rubber anti-vibration mounts (or spring-operated for models 4180-4360) supplied unassembled.

• Outdoor air temperature probe for set-point compensation.
• Water filter.
• Rubber anti-vibration mounts.
• Clock board.
• Remote keypad with display.
• Serial converter (RS485/USB).