Tarih: 03.06.2020
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UKTS Range Duct Air Handling Units

Perfect for Replacement Projects
Monoblock, Slim, Flexible and Energy Efficient Structure
5 Different Frames Up to 6.000 m³/h Airflow
Multi Zone Application for Existing Buildings

Feel Modularity and Compactness
Optimal Energy Efficiency, Air Quality and Comfort
Wide and Versatile Range
Energy Saving Customized Solution for All Commercial Buildings

UKTS Range Duct Air Handling Units

Technical Features & Options

Version : 2S: 2-Row, 4S: 4-Row, 6S: 6-Row, 8S: 8-Row Versions Available
Structure & Panel : Self Supporting Frame
Profile : Aluminum Alloy (AlMgSi0.5)
Sheet Material : Dyed Galvanized Metal Sheet with Oven-Drying Powder Paint
Air Tightness : EPDM Leak Proof Gaskets To Provide Full Air Tightness On The Panels
Heat And Sound Insulation : K-Flex Insulation Materials
Heating / Cooling Coil : Copper Pipe Aluminum Fin / Copper Pipe Copper Fin
Fan : Double Inlet / Forward Blade Centrifugal Fan