VARIABLE Control but Constant Quality:FullPower VFD Inverter Chillers from UNTES Turkey

VARIABLE Control but Constant Quality:FullPower VFD Inverter Chillers from UNTES Turkey
VARIABLE Control but Constant Quality: FullPower VFD Inverter Chillers from UNTES Turkey
The production of the Class A energy efficient screw inverter compressor chiller in has started now. In its class the first and only VFD chillers produced in the most efficient and environmentally friendly approach in Untes’s manufacturing facility in Turkey.
At the same time, all the controls and performance tests of the chillers are conducted in Untes’s R&D center and test laboratories with “EACH kW Under Control” philosophy.

A New Cooling Technology from Untes: High Energy Efficiency with the FullPOWER VFD Range of Water Chillers.
Untes continues to provide air-cooled chillers with high quality standards to meet the requirements of our present day with optimum energy efficiency and superior quality and services. The new generation air-cooled chillers designed for use in cooling expansive spaces like industrial areas, hospitals, shopping centers and residences provide saving solutions to users with linear capacity control and a wide range of options.

Eurovent Certified High Performance CLASS-A
Untes new generation air-cooled chillers certified by Eurovent, an organization that confirms scoring of performance according to European and international standards for air conditioning and cooling products, are at the service of users with high performance.

Eco Friendly R134a Refrigerant Gas
Never compromising on environmental sensitivity the eco-friendly and high efficient R134A coolant is used in the new generation cooling groups manufactured by Untes in semi hermetic and screw compressor form.

Low Sound Levels
The FullPOWER VFD Series chillers have super silent models with compressor sleeves and low speed condenser fans. More Efficient than the Previous Generation Eco-Design directive compliant, designed with caution for the environment and up to 11% increased efficiency in the new series with 17% less space occupied by the device.

Technical Features of the new Fullpower VFD Chillers
• Wide Capacity Range
• Micro Channels Structure with Heat Exchanger on the Air Side
• High Efficiency, Semi-Hermetic, Linear Capacity Controlled, Screw Compressor
• Electronic Expansion Valve
• Galvanized and Painted Corrosion Resistant Steel Plate
• Microprocessor Electronic Control
• A Energy Class, Super Silent and Inverter Compressor Equipped Model Options
• Wide Range of Exclusive Accessories
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