Untes, Air Conditioning Specialist, targets sustainable comfort and efficiency: the best solution to meet the our business partners' expectations ensuring comfort, maximum energy efficiency, optimized investments, highest standard of environmental respect and innovative air conditioning solutions offering a unique experience to provide innovative & integrated solutions for them to use energy more Reliable, Efficient and Productive.

Project Designers & Consultants

In order to standardize our designs and products, and aiming at facilitating your life and activities, we have optimized our product choices and energy saving programs in accordance with our policy of ensuring that project designers and consultants make differences in the solutions they offer through providing investors more effective, better and faster designs within this forcing competitive environment. In order to minimize time, budget and the effect of compelling content restrictions, we have given you also a place in our world:
We are committed to providing the same high quality service to all customers.
We provide you with our experience, special products, programs and solutions.
We are able to provide you with Cost-Benefit Analysis of the system to be installed.
We always support you regarding assembly constraints in accordance with our practice guidelines and booklets.
We make sure that our product / service qualities are fully accessible by you.
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