FullPOWER VFD (1+i) Range 520-1310 kW

Continuous power regulation from 12.5 to 100%
High efficiency levels
Wide range of accessories

Integrated MASTER/SLAVE control
Packaged air-cooled water chillers with axial fans.
Stepless semi-hermetic screw compressors.
FullPOWER VFD (1+i) Range 520-1310 kW
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Compressor: high energy efficiency semi-hermetic screw driven by fixed speed motor with linear capacity control and variable Vi regulated by inverter (12.5-100%), limited start, complete with integral protection, casing heater, oil level sensor and shut-off valve on refrigerant gas outlet piping.
Water side heat exchanger: dry expansion shell and tube exchanger with counterflow heat exchange, complete with closed cell polyurethane foam rubber insulation, water flow differential pressure switch and Victaulic fittings.
Air side heat exchanger: with micro-channels.
Fan: external rotor axial type electric fans equipped with internal thermal protection, accident protection grilles and proportional electronic device for continuous fan rotation speed regulation.
Control: microprocessor electronic control.
Structure: made of galvanised and painted steel plate with polyester powder coating.

•Display of cooling circuit high/low pressure;
• Electronic expansion valve;
•Clock board;
• Master/Slave control up to 4 units in parallel.

T - High efficiency version with oversized condensing section (TCAITZ).
Q - Super-silenced version complete with compressor technical compartment soundproofing, super-reduced speed fans and oversized condensing section (TCAIQZ).

TCAITZ:  High efficiency unit designed for cooling only.
TCAIQZ: Super silenced unit designed for cooling only.

• PUMP with single or double electric pump, including an automatic pump in standby. The pumps are available in the low or high head versions.
• VPF control.
• Desuperheater.
• 100% heat recovery unit
• -15°C condensing control with fans with EC motor (standard with Q versions).
• Condensing control with over-pressure fans.
• Power factor correction capacitors (cosφ > 0.94).
• Compressor circuit breaker switches.
• Electro-mechanical flow switch.
• EMC anti-disturbance filters
• Forced limit of power consumption.
• Forced noise limit.
• Energy parameter measuring device.
• Optimised energy efficiency.
• Soft starter
• Soundproofed compressor box.
• Cooling circuit intake valves.
• Refrigerant leak detector.
• Cooling circuit high and low pressure gauges.
• Double safety valves.
• Coil protection nets.
• Micro-channel coils with E-coating treatment.
• Control of min/max power supply voltage.
• Digital input for double set-point.
• 4-20 mA analogue signal for shifting set-point.
• Evaporator antifreeze heater, electrical panel, electric pumps and heat exchangers for heat recovery if applicable.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Anti-vibration mounts.

• Remote keypad with display.
• Thermostat with display.
• Untes supervisors for unit monitoring and remote management.
• Untes sequencer for integrated management of multiple chillers.

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