Z-Power SE Range 320-690 kW

Feel Efficiency and Compactness
Package Air Cooled Water Chillers with Axial Fans
Range with Semi Hermetic Screw Compressors
Eco Friendly R134A Refrigerant Gas

High Energy Efficiency Units
High Energy Efficiency & Comfort for All Seasons
Wide and Intelligent Options
Integrated Linear Capacity Control
Energy Saving Solutions for Commercial & Residential Buildings
Z-Power SE Range 320-690 kW
Cooling Only
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Compressor: high energy efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressor,
with stardelta limited start and complete with thermal protection,
crankcase heater and compressor discharge shut-off valve.
Electronic expansion valve: as standard on all models.
Water side heat exchanger (mod. 2331÷2511): stainless steel plate
exchanger with closed cell polyurethane foam rubber insulation,
complete with water flow differential pressure switch and Victaulic
Water side heat exchanger (mod. 2551÷2701): dry expansion shell and
tube exchanger with counter-current heat exchange, complete with
closed cell polyurethane rubber foam insulation, water flow differential
pressure switch and Victaulic connections.
Air side heat exchanger: finned coil with copper pipes and aluminium
Fan: electric axial fans with external rotor, equipped with internal
thermal protection, protection grilles and proportional electronic device
for continuous fan rotation speed regulation (S version only).
Control: microprocessor electronic control.
Structure: in galvanised and painted sheet steel, with polyester
powder coating.

•Display of refrigerant circuit high/low pressure;
•Clock board for displaying date/time and machine time band

B - Standard version (TCAVBZ).
S - Silenced version with lower speed fans and soundproofed
compressor cover (TCAVSZ).
I - Soundproofed version with soundproofed compressor cover

TCAVBZ: unit designed for cooling only.
TCAVSZ: silenced unit designed for cooling only.
TCAVIZ: soundproofed unit designed for cooling only.

• Shell and tube evaporator (mod. 2331÷2511).
• PUMP with single or double electric pump, including an automatic pump in standby. The pumps are available in the low or high head versions.
• TANK&PUMP (mod. 2331÷2511) with 1000 litre integrated buffer tank and single or double electric pump, complete with expansion tank, air vent valves, safety valve and water side pressure gauge.
•  VPF management:
• Desuperheater.
• 100% Heat recovery unit
•  Thermostat with display for heat recovery unit/desuperheater.
• -10°C condensing control (as per standard in S version).
• -15°C condensing control with fans with EC motor.
• Power factor correction capacitors (cos􀀁 > 0.94).
• Fan and compressor circuit breaker switches.
• Forced limit of power consumption.
• Soft starter.
• Inlet compressor shut-off valves.
• Low and high pressure gauges for each cooling circuit.
• Bottom compartment protection nets.
• Coil protection nets.
• Linear compressor capacity control (25-100 %).
• Evaporator antifreeze heater, buffer tank and heat exchangers for heat recovery if present.
• Digital input for double set-point
• Compressor oil level sensor.
• Control of min/max power supply voltage.
• 4-20 mA analogue input for shifting set-point.
• Low temperature water production.
• Pre-painted copper/aluminium or copper/copper coils.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Spring anti-vibration mounts.

• Remote keyboard with display.
• Untes supervisors for unit monitoring and remote management.
• Untes sequencer for integrated management of several water chillers.

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